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Up, Up And Away! We’re Going On A Flying Holiday!

by on Dec 10, 2014

We’ve reached that time of year when many of us make plans to go visit friends and family during the holiday season. Tons of fun to be had! Tons of packing to be done and plans to be made! We’re leaving, on a jet plane!

Is it a trip to Disney or an expedition to Europe? Either way, the prospect of taking a journey which involves air travel is an exciting time for all. Let’s take a look at various ways to make this trip super fun and super easy!

Planned Practically Perfect In Every Way

The first rule to making a trip topnotch is to involve the kids in the planning. Make a countdown calendar which is a marvelous way to allow everyone the luxury of anticipation!

Kids can also find fun in coloring maps, helping to choose the accommodations, and researching and outlining the excursion schedule. Most of the excursions should definitely be kid geared, but do allow for a few sights that mom and dad may want to take in. Plan, plan, plan but never make a schedule for outings that does not include plenty of downtime. The best way to have fun while on vacation is to remember not to rush! Slow down, you are here!

Don’t forget, while you are discussing and planning this fabulous holiday, to remind your kids periodically of the rules and expectations you will have of them while on tour. Promise a reward for remembering to stick together, but when you begin an excursion, a meeting place should always be planned just in case separation does happen.

Making A List And Checking It Twice

Okay, so the destination is planned and ground rules are set. Making a check list for everyone in the family is a fun way to get prepared! All members of the family, old and young, can enjoy packing their own belongings. Sunscreen, PJ’s and a book! Give them a specific number of socks, shirts, etc to bring. Check each item off as you put it in your pile!

A great item to include on your child’s luggage list is a travel journal. Kids can document what they see, what they did and write or draw about their fave memories! “I loved seeing the turtles!”

A camera is a winning idea, too. Take a long the vTech Kidizoom Camera so your little ones can do a photo shoot at every exciting excursion. Smile!

Make sure to include a small first aid kit on your own list for little bumps and scrapes that can happen along the way.

Preparing, Now Packing

Don’t be left carrying the kids bag! Part of the fun of air travel is having a super cool bag to travel with! Two bags per family member is a wise idea, usually a good choice is a suitcase and a small personal bag.

Carry on approved luggage: Luggage is important to kids, too! We know that value, practicality and durability are all necessary factors to consider, but having a bag they love will ensure children, whether toddlers, tweens or teens will be happy to tote their own case.

The Heys ultra sleek hardshell cases offer the wow factor that many youth are looking for. They are sturdy, easy to steer and airline cabin friendly. Lightweight and portable, inline skate wheels help to avoid the dragging of the case across the terminal floor.

A good case to check out for tweens is the Heys Marvel The Avengers Tween Spinner luggage. This luggage is a bit larger than most at 20″, which allows for more packing space. It is expandable and the spinner wheels spread the load weight evenly, no matter how heavy the kids pack their bag! The Monster High Hardshell case is super cool, too and has two interior compartments to hold lots of must have possessions! Your kids will love to show their freaky fab personality with this luggage case.

Do you or the little ones prefer a canvas bag? The Disney Sofia The First Rolling Luggage Trolley is made of 600D polyester canvas, offering another lightweight solution for carry on approved travelling gear. If your little Sofia the First fan likes to bring a petite bag to keep under the seat to hold crayons and a light sweater, the cross body bag purse is a fun option to bring along as well!

Backpacks for ease of travel: It’s a great idea for families to each bring two pieces of luggage on the plane. The carry on item which goes in the overhead bin can hold all of the clothes, jackets and toiletries. A good backpack is a must have for all jet setters. Mom or dad’s backpack can carry the travel documents, moist wipes, extra snacks and maybe a surprise gift for the kids for on the plane!

Children should each have a bag to bring on the airplane for under their seat which can hold crayons, coloring books, stickers and their cameras. Maybe include a change of clothes in case of spills or illness. Snacks are a good idea, too but be sure to keep the sugar intake at a moderate level and instead go for treats like pretzels or cheese and crackers. A small bottle of hand sanitizer is an important item to remember.

The always in style Spider-Man Deluxe Pop-Out Backpack is a roomy choice for on the plane because it can hold plenty of stuff! Suggest that your little travellers pack items like the Disney Fairies Magical Drawing Kit which is erasable and can be used over and over again, no matter how long the flight. The Marvel Heroes Magic Pen Painting and Invisible Ink Pad provides hours of entertainment and is mess free. Fairies and heroes take to the sky!

Maybe your child likes to bring a backpack and a lunch bag on the flight. The ultra cool Monster High Backpack and matching lunch bag will hold plenty of food and must have items and will look super sensational partnering with the Monster High luggage case! The lunch bag has BAC OFF technology that protects the lining from bacteria that causes odors and stains.

Children feel more involved in the trip preparation and excitement if they get to pack their own bags. Be sure to check the final contents though, in case your little jet setter feels he or she just cannot travel without their favorite, super heavy rock collection!

Welcome to the Flight Deck

We are ready for take off! Airplane interiors can be cold or hot, so suggested attire for the flight is shoes and socks, as opposed to sandals, and layers of clothing such as a T-shirt and sweater. Layering provides the option of dressing warmer, or removing an item of clothing if you are too hot.

The backpacks or purses are full of entertainment ideas. The luggage is stowed in the overhead bin. Sit back, relax , enjoy the flight and most of all, enjoy your holiday with your family!

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