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Scare Yourself Cute with A Vampirina Birthday Party!

by Ron Goldman on Jun 07, 2019

Vampirina Birthday Supplies

Something Spooky Is Coming!

Vampirina is the cutest little vampire we ever saw, but she sure isn’t scary! Kids everywhere love this little cutie, and it’s no wonder.

She is all about mixing the scary with the adorable and helping all of her friends out when they need it. Help your little spooky kiddo have a wonderful party with these ideas.

Set the Spooky Scene

Start by hanging up a sign that says, “Welcome to the Scare B ‘n’ B!”

Vampirina kind of has a Halloween theme to it, so feel free to hang up some spider garland or other black garland from Halloween. She is purple in color, so purple will be the biggest color that you will want to have at your party.

You can put purple star balloons (or hearts, or plain old regular balloons) all over the place along with some black ones too-it really sets the scene well.

You can purchase Vampirina-themed plates and cups at nearly any retailer, but standard purple or black paper plates will be just fine for the kids to enjoy.

If you have any bat-related items from Halloween, bring them out-Vampirina’s ponytails are actually tiny bat wings and kids will just love it. Black and purple streamers really make this party stand out.

As a gift to your birthday child, and a way to decorate for the scene, you can purchase a Vampirina wall decal if you like. Before the photos take place, have the guests sign their names using a Silver Sharpie.

Then, put the decal on the wall. You can have the kids take photos in front of the huge decal, making for great souvenirs for the partygoers. And, the birthday child will always remember when their friends came over to celebrate.

Vamp-Tastic Party Food

When it comes to setting up the food for your little vampire and her friends, it is easy to do so if you just use Halloween ideas.

For example, green grapes make a healthy snack, but you can call them “Green Warts.” You can also make little spiders by taking marshmallows and having pretzels sticking out of the sides, like “spider legs.” Gummy spiders work well, too!

You can also make cutout cookies and turn them into a fun activity for the kids, if they are old enough. You can use a Halloween bat cutout cookie, and then make a dozen or so for your party guests.

The little ones can have fun frosting their very own cookie, or you can make them yourself and bring them out frosted in colors of black, purple, or whatever color strikes your fancy. Bonus if you sprinkle them with edible glitter, too!

Your party menu can be made into whatever makes the kids happy. You can make them normal pizza, but just call it “Fang-Tastic” as Vampirina might call it.

And as for party drinks, you can mix up some “Vampirina Slushies” that will surely be a treat for your little guests. Simply add ice and grape juice or grape kool-aid to a blender and blend up a great slushie they will really enjoy drinking.

Party Games

Balloon Pop is a fun game-but may be scary for some little ones, so do know your audience. Put in small slips of paper with prizes written on them into the balloons. You can buy purple or black balloons to go with the Vampirina theme-or any color, really!

Then, blow up the balloons and tape them to a poster board or fence outside. Alternatively, you can put them in bag and then unleash them into the yard for kids to step on.

Now have the kids pop the balloons. When they find small slips of paper with their prize, they will be overjoyed. If you fill the balloons just a little, they will not pop as loud, if this helps.

“Pin the Wings” on Vampirina is another fun one. Find a good-size picture of Vampirina and hang it up outdoors or in a wide-open space. Then, using black construction paper, cut out the little “ponytails” that Vampirina has on her head-the ones that are shaped like bat wings.

Blindfold the party guests and have them do their best to tape on the wings to Vampirina’s head. If anything, it will generate plenty of laughs, and the prize could be a Vampirina-themed headband!


The Mummy Triplets are characters in Vampirina. You can have your partygoers become mummies for the hour when you bring out some toilet paper and have the kids wrap each other up in the stuff.

It is really funny and easy to use and gets everybody laughing. Plus, kids everywhere love to unroll toilet paper, so this is a good way to let them satisfy that curiosity!

You can have them try to make it as creative as possible, too. You can give prizes for “Most Funny” or “Scariest Mummy!”

Face Painting/Temporary Tattoos

Another fun way to make your Vampirina party scary fun is to get everybody painted up for the occasion. This doesn’t have to be crazy or elaborate. You can find some stencils online or even draw freehand.

Kids love to get their face painted at funfairs and the amusement park, so your party is a good chance to draw a bat or spider on a child. You can even make them cute, add a bow to a “girl” spider or a big smile to a bat.

If face painting won’t work, try temporary tattoos. You can get temp tattoos of bats, butterflies, spiders, or whatever works for your little scary squad.

No matter if they are boys or girls, they will love getting a cool tattoo and showing it off later on. It’s fun for kids of all ages.

In Closing

Vampirina party is one fun way to celebrate a toddler or young child’s party. She is a super beloved character on Disney Junior, and will absolutely make for a fun party theme. Grab the cake and ice cream and get ready to celebrate!

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