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Fun Parties with The Toy Story 4 Gang!

by Simi Afroza Mira on Jun 04, 2019

To Infinity, And Beyond!

Your party will be remembered to infinity and beyond when you throw a Toy Story 4 themed bash. This movie franchise has won the hearts of kids and grown-ups alike for over 20 years.

The movie is hotter than ever with the newest one debuting this summer, and there is a good chance your child will be asking to throw their next party in the spirit of this fantastic and heartwarming movie.

Let’s discuss some ideas about what to include to make your party the best it can be.

Toy Story 4 Themed Food!

There are plenty of cool ideas about what to cook up for your Toy Story 4 party.

For the birthday child’s cupcakes, consider making them in the spirit of the little green aliens. Grab some blue cupcake cups and make your favorite cake. Color some frosting neon green and then frost the cupcakes when they are done baking.

Use brown M&Ms to serve as the eyes or use white chocolate chips touched with a bit of black food pen (your goal is to make the chips look like an eye).

You can serve the kids Pizza Planet Pizza, too. You can order pizza from your favorite pizzeria but cover the box with your own “Pizza Planet” logo.

Just print off the logo from Google Images, and tape it over the box! If you can order and wear a Pizza Planet shirt to act like a delivery driver, that adds even more to the fun of the party.

Kids will also enjoy “Slinky Dogs.” You can simply make hot dogs but name them after the “Slinky Dog” character.

Toy Story 4 Games

No party is complete without fun games to play, and we have some great Toy Story themed games lined up that you kids will really love.

arachute Drop-Do you remember the little green Army men in Toy Story? Pick up some Army men with the plastic parachute attached. Make a target on the floor.

Have all the children walk upstairs and float their Army man down to the target. The child who gets closest to making a bulls-eye will be the winner-and they can enjoy floating their paratroopers down the stairs long after the game has ended.

Rex’s Dino Races-Here is a game that combines party favors with a fun kid activity. Make some “racing lanes” with Legos, building blocks, or anything that divides your two dinosaurs as if they were on a race track.

Lay down a piece of masking tape as your “finish line.” Then, have the kids wind up their dinosaurs, and set them down on the count of three.

The first dinosaur to cross your finish line wins! Kids will really love the excitement of watching the dinos go, or even just seeing them walk on the table.

“The Claw”-Fill up an old cardboard box with healthy snacks, fun giveaways like stickers, and candy. Cut a hole in the box so kids can see what’s inside. Have them use a grabber tool to reach in the top of the box and get some goodies inside.

You might lay a line down on the floor that they have to stand behind whilst fishing out their prizes. It mimics the “claw” who chooses who will stay and who will go!

Be sure to decorate your box to look like a claw machine if you have the time to do so. Or, you can cover it with wrapping paper to make it look presentable.

Toy Story 4: Forky Craft!

Kids absolutely love making fun things at parties, and a Toy Story 4 party isn’t complete unless everybody makes their own Forky! He is the newest character of Toy Story 4, and he is going to be a kid favorite.

You can have everybody make their own version of Forky by picking up some plastic sporks, stick on googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and some permanent markers. You can also pick up some Play Dough for Forky’s base, and popsicle sticks for his feet.

Be sure to supervise the children closely while they make their own Forky.

Begin by drawing the desired face on your Forky and sticking on his googly eyes. You can make him just like the movie, or you can make your own. Then, once the face is complete, stick him in the play-dough and then stick in his popsicle stick feet.

Once that is complete, use the pipe cleaners to make Forky some arms. Let it all dry and soon you will have a Forky you can take home, just like Bonnie has in the movie.

Fun Photo Ops

Parents and kids love doing silly pictures. You can make your own fun photo props, and parents will love seeing that their kid had a nice time when they pick them up from the birthday party.

One idea is to take a photo of kids in an Etch-a-Sketch cardboard cutout. Just take an old cardboard box and cut it out in the shape of an etch-a-sketch. Cut out the inside, where the screen would be.

You should now have a frame. Color the frame red, like a classic etch a sketch, and then add the “knobs” by gluing on two upside down paper bowls to either side or cutting out two circles from a piece of computer paper.

Take a gold marker and write “etch a sketch” on top in your best handwriting! Then, get ready to take fun friend photos your kid will love.

You can also add a background of clouds like Andy had in his childhood room. Just get a blue sheet or curtain and cut out paper clouds, gluing them on. Alternatively, sew them on if you feel really industrious. Kids will love taking photos in front of it.


Kids grow up fast, but the magic of a Toy Story 4 party is forever. Your party is sure to be a hit, as kids everywhere love the fun and magic of Toy Story. 

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