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Do You Want To Build A Snowman, Or A Sandcastle On The Beach?

by on Feb 15, 2014

We are all thrilled that Spring Break is just around the corner! What plans do you have? Yes, it’s fabulous to chill out at home for a much needed hiatus but if you have something else in mind and want to head out on a road trip, read on for a couple of ideas!

Winter’s Wonders

Is building a snowman at the top of your list? If you are a family who just can’t get enough of winter, how about taking your children on a skiing vacation? Skiing can be a blast but make sure you keep in mind a few tips to make the introduction to skiing a successful one.

The best way to approach the ski hill for the first time is with an open mind! Don’t expect too much from your kids the first day on the slopes just in case. Decide at which age you feel is best to propose a winter wonderland holiday. Many ski resorts will advise that children be at least 6 years of age as the strength of the leg can play a factor in the success of the lesson. But every child is different and some are completely at ease and strong enough to try at the age of 4.

Another decision you need to make is would you like to give your child a bit of instruction on the bunny hill first, or do you prefer they take a lesson from a qualified teacher? Remember, don’t make the first visit to a ski hill too intense. Make it fun and promise a cup of hot chocolate at the lodge no matter how long the kids last on the hill. Be flexible too, cause your kids may want to keep riding that chairlift when you are ready for a warm fire!

Before you head to the hill, supply the family with the proper apparel, which is key to a fun experience. Purchasing thermal underwear is a good place to start, making sure it is not too tight in order to keep your skiers at the right temperature for conditions. Items such as warm mitts, snow pants and a jacket that is waterproof and breathable are a must. A neck gaiter is useful, too for the often cool and windy ride up the chairlift. Not only does the neck gaiter protect from the wind; it provides a barrier from the sun, too which can be very strong on spring ski days! Sunscreen and lip balm should always be included in your backpack, along with snacks such as trail mix or granola bars.

Will you rent or buy your equipment? Renting is most likely the best way to start, but once the kids get the hang of it and are asking to go on a ski excursion several times a season, purchasing may be the plan. Ski’s or a snowboard? Boots, bindings, goggles and the all important helmet are mandatory for safety!

You will need luggage for this ski vacation, so why not shop online and get the kids the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rolling Luggage Trolley. Easy to pull for the younger ones, yet holds plenty of cold weather gear for a trip to the hills. We know the zany turtles love the snow so your children will be thrilled to show off this luggage as they check in to the ski chalet. Have a great time!

Sun And Surf

Some of us prefer to spend our holiday time at the beach. Hello Kitty loves the park and especially the beach! If you are looking for new luggage for a trip to sand and surf, look no further than the Hello Kitty 3-Piece Luggage Ensemble which is the perfect carry all for a few days rest in a warm climate. The ergonomic handle adjusts easily for your child’s height, making it easy to manage. It also comes with a pouch to store small items such as cosmetics. But even better is the weekender bag, included, which will come in handy when choosing a few items to tote along to the beach.

We all know the number one item to be included on the packing list for the beach is sunscreen. An absolute minimum of 30SPF is a must. Apply before leaving for the beach, so the little swimmers can dive right in. Reapply after swimming and every two hours. Protective sun clothing, functioning as a great barrier to the sun, is easy to find in sports stores.

What else to bring and remember? Sunglasses, a hat, flip flops to protect against hot sand and rocks, sand toys and plenty of blankets and towels round out the packing list. Give the family safety instructions as soon as you hit the beach. Point out landmarks near to where you are located on the beach. Remind them that the lifeguard is there to help them, and that they can go to the lifeguard if they lose their bearings. Important! Older children can walk down the beach a little to look for sand creatures, but no going in the water unless you are supervising!

Try going to the beach early for a prime spot. Bring a large umbrella or sun canopy as the sun will be super hot in the afternoon. Perhaps, because you went to the beach in the morning, the gang will be more than happy to head home after lunch because they have had such a good time already. Maybe the yummy lunch you prepare and all of the activity and excitement enjoyed forenoon will leave the kids ready to go home for an afternoon nap!

What is for lunch? Bring foldaway chairs for all. They are lightweight and compact so the children can carry their own to the prime beach spot you have chosen. A cooler, full of frozen water bottles which will melt surprisingly fast at the beach, apples, cheese sticks, mini yogurts and veggies wrapped in whole wheat pita supplies a perfect beach picnic. Be sure to bring wipes and antibacterial gel for washing up beforehand.

As you pack up, put wet clothes and towels in one backpack. If you happen to have any dry items, put them in another. Head for home after an amazing day!

The Happiest Place On Earth

At some point or other in our children’s lives, we all think about Disney as a vacation spot. This venue is perfect for all ages. Why don’t you invite grandma and grandpa along for the trip?

We think one of the top Disney tips is, don’t try to do it all in one day! The parks are so huge that you can return several times and still not see everything! And that is okay as it gives you a reason to return. And you know the family will want to return again and again.

The packing list for a trip to see Mickey should include a few key items. Since walking is one of the things you will do the most at Disney, all family members should bring a good pair of shoes. It is not a bad idea to include a second pair of shoes in each child’s backpack on park day. Sometimes a change of footwear does wonders for tired feet!

The perfect suitcase for a trip to Disney is the Heys Disney Deluxe Frozen Luggage Case. It is super durable and has vividly printed characters adorning the sides. Lightweight, carry on approved and easy to manage with inline skate wheels, this case is perfect for little travellers to navigate.

In your suitcases, include small items for the kids to play with while in line for the rides at Disney such as Frozen figurines, comic books or hand held games. If your children want to dress up like Disney characters, purchase the outfits before heading to the parks from a big box store, or a Disney store. Imagine how much fun the princesses and pirates will have while at the parks in costume! Pack autograph books in order to get the signatures of your child’s favorite characters.

A Photopass is always a good idea, even if you bring your own camera. Professional photographers are all over the parks and can take great pictures of the family with many Disney characters, which are wonderful souvenirs of this awesome experience! Mickey is known to be at home in Toontown near park closing time, so go for a memory making photo.

Strollers can be easily rented at the parks. Even children who may feel they are now to old to be in a stroller might appreciate it if they get tired. It’s a great way to haul all of your gear, too! Bring plenty of frozen water bottles, crackers and fruit. Promise the kids one treat while they are there, but no need to buy all of the food.

Speaking of buying and spending, give each child a budget and keep track of what they spend. They will spend more wisely if they know the money they are spending is their own!

Visit Disney Relations when you arrive and get a button pin if it is your child’s first visit to the parks, or if it is their birthday. Park staff will watch for these buttons and give your young ones a happy birthday hello!

Some families choose to spend the morning at Disney and then go home to the accommodations for a swim and a nap, returning to the parks for the evening festivities. Enjoy every minute of this fabulous adventure!

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