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Crayola Globbles Squeeze Toys - Where To Buy?

by Ron Goldman on Jul 25, 2021

Where to Buy Crayola Globbbles - TikTok

Have you ever seen the super sticky, squishy toys that are perfectly made for kids? No?

You must have seen TikTok about small little globbles with emojis!

They are known as Crayola Globbles. The beauty of these toys is hidden in their stickiness because they are very sticky and do not leave any kind of residue in your hands after you use them.

Just imagine, 100% sticky, with no mess, no residue, and nothing!

Still, confused?

Let's start from scratch!

What Are Crayola Globbles?
These are basically the emoji balls that come up with silly expressions and prove very interesting toys for the kids. When you buy these small balls for your kids, they will greatly enjoy seeing their ridiculously funny expressions.

The interesting part?
No matter how much you wash them, they will not lose their thickness and remain quite soft, stretchy, and sticky.

What Sets The Crayola Globbles Apart From Other Toys?
Many reasons make the Crayola Globbles the best gifts, stocking stuffers, and kid toys.

Let's have a look at some of the notable features of Crayola Globbles. In fact, these are the reasons to buy Crayola Globbles.

Crayola globbles are portable and you can easily take them anywhere you want.

It is quite convenient to wash and clean them because you will need only water and soap for the deep cleaning.

No Sticky Residue
They do not leave behind sticky residue even if you wash them. It is the most distinguishing feature of Crayola products because they give the kids a chance for sticky fun.

Anyone can purchase them as they are completely affordable and come up at reasonable rates.

Very Colorful
Their vibrant colors immediately catch the attention of the kids.

Hours Of Endless Play
As these sticky toys do not require any kind of batteries for their functioning and are just small encased globules, kids can bring them anywhere they want and play with them for as long as they love them.

100% Safe & Non-Toxic
These mess-free and vibrantly colored globules are 100% safe and their material is completely non-toxic. So you can confidently buy them for your kids without worrying about any harm.

Mess-free Fun
These are not complicated toys. So they do not require any kind of assembling and disassembling. Moreover, as they do not leave any residue and are easy to wash, kids can fearlessly play with them without getting dirty.

Target Audience
They are not suitable for children less than 4 years of age. So these toys are only for children 4 years of age or older.

Where Can I Buy Crayola Globbles 3ct?
You can easily find Crayola Globbles in stores and online.

At KimmyShop, you can readily purchase Crayola Silly Faces Globbles - 3 Count as they are available only at $9.97 so you can save 60%.

Here are some other benefits of buying Crayola Globbles at Kimmy Shop.

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Then what are waiting for?

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