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I Resolve To….. Try, To Discover, To Enjoy, To Play!

by on Dec 28, 2014

As we celebrate the holidays of December, we approach year’s end and begin to reflect on the days past and oh, so ever look forward to the year ahead!

Decorate your new year with amazing, loving, crazy, zany memories! Plan a family resolution evening to ring in the New Year. Celebrate the highlights of 2014 and set family and individual goals for 2015. Let’s do it!

Making resolutions in January is not just for adults. Kids can have fun with this annual event, too! Plan a fun meal with special treats. Give each family member a cool notepad and pen or pencil, such as the Spider-Man Deluxe Stationary Set or the Minnie Mouse Memo Pad to make list making entertaining! Markers to decorate the lists in crazy colors and fun should be available in abundance!

Work as a team and make sure that mom and dad have paper for a resolution list, too. Be a good role model and have resolutions of your own.

Let’s Do It!

Okay, so the table is set with great food and everyone is game for the event. Keep a super positive approach. Do your children need help making the resolutions?

Good questions to ask may be, what skill would you like to learn or improve on? Or, if you could help someone in the coming year, who would it be? You can suggest resolutions to your family, but don’t dictate them. Success will come to the entire family if the resolutions come from their own heart! Kids will choose a goal best if it is something they really want.

Encourage your children to consider just a few resolutions to start. Help them break the resolutions down in to easy, specific steps. This will give more staying power to anyone trying to reach a goal.

Resolutions To Try, Discover, And Enjoy!

Read on for a fun sample list of goals for the year ahead. Some are fun, while some may take a bit more perseverance. Let’s get the spirit and get the spunk for a year of spreading sunshine and good will. Let’s declare a year of trying our best and aiming to learn new things!

A list of a zillion ideas:

Number 1 should be I resolve to always have fun!

I resolve to:

– drink water and milk every day and only indulge in soft drinks on special occasions

– help in the community, maybe by going to the park and picking up garbage

– improve my education by studying my times tables

– always wear my bike helmet when on my bike, skateboard or skates

– keep my room neat and clean

– get physical by doing a sport I like at least 3 times a week

– never watch or encourage bullying

– disconnect from electronics regularly (take a break from the phone and internet)

– eat lots of fruit and veggies

– be friends to all and invite shy, quiet classmates to play in the schoolyard

– be green (walk to school, turn off lights not in use – try the Disney Princess Light Switch Covers to help kids remember)

– wear sunscreen

– study hard and pay attention in school

– as a family, go on walks

– as a family, play educational games such as the Monopoly Junior Game Frozen Edition to practise addition, or the What Will You Find In Doc’s Medical Bag? to practise memory and recognition skills

– always have fun!

Keep It Real!

The lists are ready and the goals are set! Remember it is always wise to give your children a chance to succeed. It may take them a few weeks to get committed and to used to the game plan.

Be helpful but don’t hound them! Check on their progress and ask if they need help. Cheer each other on! Congratulate each other and give encouragement, smiles and laughter when necessary.

How are the kids doing with the goals they set? How are you doing with your resolutions? Ring out the old and bring in the new. All the best in the year ahead!

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