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Skylanders Save The Land: A Crash and Boom Birthday Party

by on Apr 09, 2015

Skylanders Swap Force is the team you want at your birthday party! Or is it the Skylanders Giants? Or maybe the Trap Team?

This franchise is full of fun with too many characters to mention! As the popularity of the movies and games grow, more and more kids are asking for this theme at their birthday party.

It’s so easy to put the Skylanders theme to good use. Most partygoers today own a character or two, or ten – so when you send out the invitations ask the guests to bring along their favorite team member for an evening of fun! Yes, we recommend an early evening party full of fun and games centred around some of the elements that the Skylanders are famous for. All bet’s are on that there will be a Hog Wild Fryno, a Ka Boom and a Prism Break in the picture for this element event!

Sure, there are 8 elements and you can decorate the party room with symbols of each: Magic, Water, Fire, Tech, Earth, Life, Undead and Air.

We will concentrate on three elements for our evening birthday party. So give a fist bump and let’s get started!


Water is fun to play with no matter what the age. Start the party outside with a water balloon toss. See how many balloons can get tossed from one Skylander fan to another. No doubt, there will be lots of breakage, leaking and laughter here so have plenty of towels handy to dry the kids off. This type of activity could go on for ages, though so let the party goers play as long as they want!

Time to move on to some noisy crash time. Since dusk may be approaching, now is the time to turn on the lanterns you have strung in the trees and along the edges of the house, We all know that our children start to ask about their birthday parties months in advance, so you will have had lots of time to save and collect kleenex boxes. Painted in the primary colors found in the Skylanders games, the team will have a terrific time with a crash and boom activity. What kids don’t like to make noise and crash into things? Larger empty painted boxes are ideal too, for piling up and knocking down. Now, there isn’t much rhyme or reason to this task – but sometimes those are the ones that are the most fun!

The final event for the evening will be another time for pounding and smashing. It’s mind over matter! As you plan the party, freeze toys in blocks. As the games wind down, let the children crush the ice to get the figurines out. Use a small metal object that is children friendly, such as a lightweight hammer from the Dollar store.


Party goers love food, and food is magic to the Skylanders gang. Decorate the eating area with the super cool Skylanders Jumbo Banner and be sure to put a plastic table cover over the eating area because you have to remember that the kids are wet from the water element of the party, and definitely have overzealous appetites at this point!

Light the BBQ and cook up a great food selection for the Trap Team and the Skylanders Giants in the form of mini burgers, wrapped hot dogs, potato chips, carrot sticks, grapes and apple slices. For sure, fill plenty of Skylanders party cups with water and lemonade to suit the water element. Add blue food coloring to the water to keep with the color scheme of the party. Keep those napkins handy! Tie the Skylanders balloons to the back of each team member’s chair for an extra festive feel.

More magic is in store if you are creative; look for directions on line to create super cool Skylander cake pops in colors of red, blue and white. The cake pops are a great idea but if you really want to see the birthday boy or girl blow out some candles, then bake a cake, too! The kids can always bring a slice home on a paper plate after the party.


With all of the excitement and energy expending, the party crowd should be ready for a bit of calm. To respect the element of fire, dim the lights in the party room and light many candles (placed in safe areas away from the kids, of course). The nice ambiance created by the darkness and the glow of candlelight hopefully will ease the kids into a quiet zone. No fear of the dark here!

Now is the perfect time to project a Skylanders movie on the wall, which will make for a nice big screen – this will keep everyone’s attention and entertain them until the parents arrive for pick up.

No one likes for a party to end, but no doubt this gang is tired and ready for slumberland. When the party is done, send the kids through the portal of power with a loot bag filled with Skylanders tattoos, masks and a nifty water bottle which will be a hit with the team for sure!

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