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Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Does Whatever A Spider Can!

by on Jan 07, 2015

Peter Parker, the shy and brainy high school student is bitten by a radioactive spider while on a school trip…..and all of a sudden his life is turned upside down. Literally, he can now hang upside down! Can he swing from a thread? Take a look overhead. There goes the Spider-Man!

Isn’t it cool that as kids one of our favorite super hero characters was Spider-Man? And isn’t it even cooler that he is Marvel’s flagship character today as well? This web slinging super hero is still one of the most popular cast members ever with young and old, and we know why!

Action Is His Reward

This personality is the defender who is most relevant to young people today. Peter Parker, the high school student with a secret identity knows all about the issues our kids face. He was bullied in school because of his shyness and book smarts. Hey, he knows all about being on the outside. He knows all about peer pressure. Spider-Man teaches our kids today that school is cool and trying hard is something to be proud of, something to work on as best you can. So kids, keep those spidey senses tingling and keep up the good work!

Spider-Man is motivated by responsibility to others. He stands up for justice and never gives up. “With great power comes great responsibility” are Spider-Man’s most famous words! This costumed crime fighter makes mistakes sometimes just like we do but always comes back to the duty that calls. He is ultra cool and bad guys don’t stand a chance against him!

For little ones who are too young to need to think about more grown up issues, well Spider-Man is such a colorful, cool champion! He has super strength and agility. He can attach himself to buildings and climb walls! Like a streak of light, he arrives just in time! Shazam! Spider-Man teaches little ones that special powers should be used to help others. We should always lend a helping hand to friends and family, and others who may need help.

Hey There! There Goes The Spider-Man!

Peter Parker, the science, physics and engineering whiz, built himself the web blasters that make him the hero he is. As Spider-Man, he can spin a rope to swing from, and make himself a shield for defense. He can build a net to capture criminals and spin super globs of web to jam weapons that enemies try to use against him. Sounds like a job for Spider-Man!

Spiderman is courageous and has a sixth sense for impending danger. He is a web crawling hero who protects his home city and races to the rescue when needed. Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

Spins A Web, Any Size!

This protector has been so popular in the commercial industry. What can’t we do with Spider-Man? Comics, cartoons and movies have paved the way for loads of fun.

Would your Spider-Man admirer like to have a room redecoration in honor of this hero? Paint a room with reds and blues and add some great decor items for extra spectacular spidey sense. How about the Spider-Man Bank Alarm Clock for the bedside table? Or Spidey placemats for the desk?

Have any collectors in the house? Great Spider-Man figurines are available online!

Are you doing any travel in the near future? Spider-Man rolling luggage is the perfect fit for any super hero fan! Backpacks are awesome, too for carrying pencils and notebooks on the plane, train or automobile!

Playtime is the best with Spider-Man gear! Try out the ultra cool web blaster! The Marvel Amazing Spider-Man 2 Motorized Spider Force Web Blaster will make your child feel like a real web crawling champion! Puzzles and building block sets are entertaining ideas for a more relaxed time of super hero play, while enjoying the fun of using the imagination.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man,

Does whatever a spider can,

Spins a web, any size,

Catches thieves just like flies,

Lookout! Here comes the Spider-Man!

Want to show your kids some fun? Look up the original Spider-Man theme on line and show them how it all began!

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