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Calling All Kids! 10 Fun Things To Do On A Cold, Cold Day

by on Jan 14, 2015

January and February can be frigid months and sometimes it’s just too cold for the kids to stay outside too long. So what can we do inside when it is super cold outside? Are you stuck in the grip of a deep freeze? Read on for fun things for kids, and parents too, to do on cold days – when the temperature is too cold to bear! Everyone join in the fun!

1. Well, this one may not seem so fun to the kids but it will to you! Start off the morning with a donation day! The holidays are over and for certain your children have more toys than they need or even want! Take the time for a teachable moment and explain to your family the joy that can come from generosity and helping others. Ask each family member to pick three or four items that are in very good condition that they no longer use, such as a toy or book. Be sure to have your own pile going too, of purses, books and clothing you can pass on to someone who can give them a great second life.

2..Check the temperature outside again to see if anything has changed. Brrrrr….. it is still super cold! Let’s make a big poster for the window that shows all things cold. What do we wear on cold days? Mittens! Have the kids draw and color mittens on a big poster board. Kids can create snowmen, design tuques or sketch giant snowflakes. Hang the poster in the window for all to see. Just don’t forget to add a big yellow sun in the middle of the poster!

3.Speaking of sun, how about a fun craft? Sun catchers are simple to make and can bring a lot of brilliance inside on a bright day, just when you need it. They are inexpensive to make, too and provide hours of beauty inside the home when it is frosty outside. The supplies are few but the fun is endless! Contact paper is a must in your craft supply cupboard and this is one place where it will come in extra handy. Also needed are colorful plastic duotangs you may have in the school supply drawer, along with plastic dividers which can be found in many bright hues. Youngsters can practise their cutting skills by snipping the plastic in to many shapes. Arrange the shapes on the contact paper which you have placed on the table right side up. With a little bit of time and a lot of fun, sun catchers can soon adorn the window – right beside the winter cold poster!

4. See, the kids are having so much fun together! Let’s continue the harmony while working on puzzles. Choose the ones your kids love to keep them interested! Maybe your wee ones are ready to crawl around on the floor for awhile. Suggest that new favorite, received over the holidays, the Disney Frozen Three Foot Floor Puzzle. It’s so big there is plenty of room for everyone to participate. Or how about the Spider-Man Around Me Floor Puzzle for non-stop action!

5. Make a meal together. We all know that children have loads of fun making a mess…… so if you don’t mind a mess in the kitchen, let the kids have a great time assisting you while you prepare a meal! Choose a popular recipe that your kids love to eat and will therefore enjoy to prepare. Is it spaghetti? Chicken and gravy? Soup and sandwiches? Have a great time of bonding as you create in the kitchen!

6. While the meal is simmering on the stove, get physical! Jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups and musical chairs! Put on some hip music and jive the morning away as you work up an appetite. Dance around the table and set it for the meal at the same time.

7.Now that lunch is done, quiet time is most likely what everyone will be looking for. What can be better than snuggling up together on the couch under a cosy fleece blanket? Super cute n’ cuddly blankets are available online. Let your child pick a movie to watch or select a cherished book to read.

8.Play a board game! There are many, many options available for skill building and just plain hilarity. Board games are full of fun and surprises and enhance family time. Do you want to help the kids work on their memory skills? The perfect game for that is the Jake And The Neverland Pirates Memory Match Game! Ahoy matey!

9. Crafts are always a hit, especially when we can use our imagination and create something that keeps on entertaining us long after craft time is done. Pine cone bird feeders are a snap to make. Beautiful birds will flock to them, feasting and frolicking when you hang them outside providing a bird watching past time for all! Gather pine cones from your craft supplies along with colorful yarn. Tie a long piece of the yarn securely around the top of the cone, putting a loop on the other end so you can easily hang it on a tree. Fill the pine cone with peanut butter and roll in plenty of birdseed. Our feathered friends will be thankful for this cold weather treat. What pretty species do you see at your feeder?

10. Play in a tent! It’s fun to play in tents outside, but kids find it even more cool to play inside! There is something oh so zany about playing in tents. Build your tent from sheets and drape them over chairs and couches. Or, Playhut has some ultra cool tents that are easy to pop up in seconds and even easier to put away!

These 10 suggestions are so much fun that the kids may never want to go back outside. Not! We know fresh air is the best thing ever. What do your kids love to do outside or inside in the winter?

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