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Get Creative and Crafty With LEGO Minecraft

by on Jan 22, 2015

Build, design, smash and explore! Minecraft is a cool game that delves deep into the three dimensional world of imaginary spaces, creatures and situations.

Players create artwork and build structures using numerous game modes, with the option of playing as a single player or in multiples. Let’s dig deep into the Minecraft craze and learn what it is about, and why kids love it so much!

The success of Minecraft is credited to it’s developer, Markus Persson, who began his creation in 2009. Minecraft has exploded worldwide due to the imagination of Markus, aka “Notch”. Minecraft can be played on a PC, X-Box or mobile device. Now the 3rd best selling game of all time, it has been praised for the creative freedom players get in-game. Minecraft has an excellent balance between building and exploring.

Let’s take a look at some of the modes found in this neat pastime.

Survival mode – Players are required to build shelters by gathering natural resources such as wood and stone to protect them from monsters who spawn at night.

Creative mode – Players have access to all resources available in the game and the focus is on building and creating large projects.

Adventure mode – This has been designed so players can experience user crafted maps and feats.

Spectator mode – Participants can fly around and watch others, or in a multiple player situation, can interact and communicate with others in a single world.

In all modes, fun goals can be met which enable you to log achievements or trade emeralds with villagers for items you may need to further yourself in the game.

If building with blocks in the multi-dimensional world of deserts, jungles and snowfields found in Minecraft using a PC or X-Box is a fun activity at your house, then playing with LEGO Minecraft is going to be a blast, too!

Take on these designer challenges!

The First Night

A shelter and enclosure must be built to protect livestock before darkness falls! This 408 piece set comes with a pig. Beware a creeper is included!

The Cave

Look for resources! But watch out for zombie and spider mobs. Use this 249 piece set to mine for minerals and blast with TNT! A zombie and spider are included.

The Farm

Watch out for skeletons after nightfall! This 262 piece Minecraft set comes with a crafting table, fences and a waterfall to help you harvest pumpkins, carrots and sugar cane.

The Crafting Box

Creativity is free! Follow instructions to build eight structures, or craft your own scenarios in this 518 piece set. Cool items such as torches and plants are included.

All of these sets can be combined to craft a giant Minecraft world. Happy designing, adventuring and constructing!

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