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Bring A Dash Of Awesome To Your My Little Pony Party

by on Jan 26, 2015

When the mane event of the day is a My Little Pony party, bring the elements of harmony together to create an awesome event!

Invite lots of friends and lots of ponies, too. Everyone loves horses and ponies! Request all playmates and ponies to gallop over to the party at 2pm for an afternoon of food and fun in Ponyville! Read on for great tips and ideas on hosting a super sparkly celebration.

Yes, that’s it! Friendship is magic and we are inviting 6 of the cutest little ponies you will ever meet to celebrate with the friends and family gathered at this party!

Rainbow Dash and Rarity Arrive!

Rainbow Dash, the beautiful pegasus pony has the harmony element of loyalty. She loves to fly and is always up for adventure. Sweet Rarity has the element of generosity and adores pony fashion, so this is the perfect pair of ponies you need to help you prepare the ranch for the mane event!

As the ponies enter the coral, Rarity the unicorn can design and give each girl a tulle skirt made from the colors of the rainbow. The boys can choose a cowboy hat to wear. Have a poster of this awesome fashion pony on the wall behind the bins where the skirts and hats are. Let the merriment begin!

Decorate the entrance to the party room with a plastic table cloth in purple or yellow. Gather it, then drape it along the top of the archway of the door and tie large bows of tulle to place at each corner. This is an inexpensive way to add magic to the celebration. Inside the room, adorn the walls with fluffy white clouds drawn on white bristol board to represent Rainbow Dash. Curtains of tulle in rainbow colors will give a super glow to the room. My Little Pony Party Hanging Swirl Decorations will add extra sparkle to the decor.

Fluttershy And AppleJack Are Here, Too!

With the elements of kindness and honesty, Fluttershy and Applejack are game to get the festivities started!

Fluttershy lives in the Everfree Forest where she is a caretaker of animals. Start the games with a treasure hunt for little plastic dragons and other small animal figurines. The kids can gallop from room to room as they search for clues to the treasure.

‚ÄúEnter the Everfree Forest and go down the hall to Ponyville where you will find your next clue‚Ķ‚Ķ.another clue can be found at Fluttershy‚Äôs cottage.‚ÄĚ Don‚Äôt forget the party blowouts so the ponies can blow while they gallop. At the end of the treasure hunt, all participants will have a cute little figurine to take home!

No pony party is complete without a Pin the Tail on the Pony game. Hang a poster of one of the ponies on the wall and the kids can take turns at this classic game. To make it colorful and fun, curl long ribbons in rainbow hues for a pretty tail.

Applejack is an earth pony who has plenty of access to apples! She can call her Granny Smith for a big bucket of apples. Fill a round plastic tub with water and watch the hilarity begin as the gang bobs for Applejack’s apples!

If your party takes place in the summer, drawing on the sidewalk and driveway with chalk is always a blast. Your driveway will look beautiful covered in rainbows and clouds!

Cutie Pie Marks are a hit for those who may want a pony symbol painted on their face or hands. And don’t forget the hoof salon, where ponies can get their hoofs decorated! Set up a table with the My little Pony Magical Nail Art Kit which includes plenty of sparkles for hooves!

Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie Are Perky Party Planners!

Twilight Sparkle, the unicorn with her element of magic, and Pinkie Pie who brings the element of laughter are here and so is the food! The little party goers are hungry by now, so have them do a gentle trot over to the party table. A plastic tablecloth is a must for this event!

Plenty of pretty My Little Pony party supplies are available to order online. It’s oh so easy to have a beautifully decorated table when you order plates, napkins and cups.

Perfect pony fare, chosen by Pinkie Pie because she absolutely loves parties, is pizza! Add cheese and crackers to the mix, as well as carrots and cucumbers. We know all prancing ponies love carrots!

Arrange a fruit platter in the shape of a rainbow. Include raspberries, canteloupe, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries and purple grapes. There you go, a gorgeous rainbow of healthy food!

Over on the dessert table, decorated with balloons and tulle bows, have a white frosted cake, on a cake stand. Tie several rainbow colored ribbons on the cake stand pedestal to add a pretty accent .

An ice cream bar, to go along with the cake, will be perfect for these ponies! Just be sure to have plenty of napkins on hand! Give the little ponies a colorful selection of gummy bears, M & M’s, sprinkles and cherries.

The Ponies Are Headed To Their Stables

It‚Äôs time for all little horses to trot on home. Give them each a loot bag as a thank you, filled with stickers, tattoos, and bracelets. Fill little bottles with bubbles and decorate the bottles with My Little Pony stickers. Be sure to have your little pony give everyone a great big ‚ÄúThank you for Coming‚ÄĚ smile as the children head for home!

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