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Calling All Trainers To A Pokemon Birthday Party

by on Mar 26, 2015

Gather all of the Pokemon champions and invite them to the tournament for a super cool birthday battle. Pokemon is a tried and true theme for a party, and fans of all ages will be geared up for an occasion of fun. With all of those trading games, shows and movies, Pikachu and his gang will provide hours of entertainment.Don‚Äôt worry about trying to figure out where your party supplies will come from. Absolutely everything you need can be easily ordered online, saving you time ‚Äď and allowing for party planning which is the most fun. Other than the actual day of the party of course!

Kick off the tournament with invitations to call all Pokemon trainers to the event. Let’s try a mid-morning party so the guests will be fresh and strong for a time of birthday merriment and bit of Pokemon battle! Plan on a bit of activity and then a fantastic lunch for the hungry champions.

Welcome Pokemon Trainers

To welcome the group to the tournament ring, decorate the party room in the colors of red, yellow, white, black and blue. The room will be draped in a fantastic array of color, adding to the excitement and cheer. Print out Pokemon characters such as Charmeleon, Newtwo and Ash to decorate the walls of the party room and play area.

Balloons in white, black and red can symbolize the ever popular poke ball. To also resemble the poke ball, decorate the walls with white paper plates that you have colored in the three related hues.

Give each party goer a party hat , and let the tournament begin!

Trainers, Join The Competition and Games

There is no end to the variety of games you can come up with for a Pokemon party! To start off the match, have a clear glass jar with lid on a table. Before the party starts, fill it with big gummy worms. Label the jar ‚Äúcount the Caterpie‚ÄĚ and ask each child to guess the number of Caterpie inside. At the end of the birthday bash, send the jar home with the partygoer who guessed the closest amount.

Rush to the next battle! A poke ball hunt will be a hit! Before the party, paint small styrofoam balls in the white, red and black design of the poke ball. Hide them in different rooms in the house, or if the weather is nice, this is a great activity to do outside. The kids will really enjoy being a part of the Pokemon league as they run around and burn off energy. Give each child a shoebox covered in the colors of Pikachu, yellow and red, to hold the balls. Gather the balls as fast as you can! Gather as many as you can! The winner of this contest will receive super cool Pokemon tattoos!

Pokemon bingo is a calmer activity that will give the little ones a chance to refuel and regain some energy. Free bingo cards for many licensed characters are easily found online.

We all know the game hot potato, so utilize these rules to play the game pass the Pikachu! Pass a yellow balloon or a Pikachu plush toy.

It’s a fact that absolutely no party is complete without the game Pin The Tail on…..Pikachu! Buy a yellow bristol board and use your imagination to design the game. Cut out the zig zag shape of this energetic character’s tail and watch the kids have a hilarious time.

I Choose You!

No doubt by now, after all of the fun and games, the Pokemon Masters are best friends for life just like Ash and Pikachu. So let‚Äôs go for the Pokemon Master Quest. Push on to the next event in the tourney ‚Äď eating!

Invite the partygoers to the table which looks so cool because it is covered in a colorful tablecloth decorated with Pikachu and friends! Place paper plates and napkins well within reach of these hungry champions who for certain have worked up the appetite of a Pokemon Master.

Perfect Pokemon fare is Pizza ‚Äď Chu! Gather all of the champions for a tournament feast of pizza. Offer a variety of flavors because every trainer has different tastes! Veggies, such as carrots, peppers, mini tomatoes and cucumbers are a must for any party table.

For dessert, cupcakes decorated in red, white and black like the poke ball will be a hit with the battlers. Or, decorate a cake in the same colors.

Catch and Battle

Now that the party is drawing to a close, all Pokemon Masters will love the treat of receiving a package of Poke Throw balls to take home. Rush to the next battle with Pansage, Woobat or Munna balls. Thank you to all who participated in the tournament!

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