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Big Hero 6: A Techno Birthday Party For Robot Fans

by on Mar 19, 2015

Throw an epic birthday bash for the cute little robot lovers in your house! Now that the box office hit Big Hero 6 has been released on DVD, the excitement continues to surge full steam ahead in the world of robotics and technology.

What fan of Baymax and his heroic gang of friends wouldn’t love to be the guest of honour at a Big Hero 6 birthday party? Heroes such as these, who love school and learning, are fantastic examples for our kids.

Finally! Spring is around the corner – by the time you hand out the party invitations you will be all set to host an outdoor event that will be a smash hit for sure.

So let’s get started with the event planning! The main color scheme of a Big Hero 6 party could be red and white. Invitations are the first order of the day – let’s create a super cute one specifically geared towards big, white Baymax. Everyone loves Baymax! Take sturdy cardstock paper in white and trace the figure of this loveable robot. Tons of downloads are available on line to help you complete this tech task. It couldn’t be any simpler, as now you just need to draw his button like eyes and mouth.

“Calling all Baymax fans! Party gears up at 2 pm. Make sure your batteries are fully charged! It will be the greatest techno time ever! Hope to see you there!”

Welcome To Sanfransokyo

Welcome the kids to the party with a skyscape that you have painted on large black bristol board. This project is not expensive, so go ahead and make it large! Attach it to the side of your house as a backdrop for the food and craft area.

Set up a few tables covered in red, white or black plastic tablecloths. If your party is taking place on a windy spring day, be sure to attach the tablecloths to the table securely.

Download instructions on how to make your own decorative Go Go electromagnetic discs from yellow bristol board. Hang them from the trees for an original super techno effect. Another cool item to drape from the trees, which will provide more color, is a replica of the green plasma blade that Wasabi wears on each arm.

Build A Better Bot

Hiro Hamada is a 14 year old robotics genius who loves technology. Kids know he is a cool character!

What can be more fun for kids who love robots and microbots than creating, cutting, and coloring their own tecno bot? In the few weeks before the party, ask friends and family to save kleenex boxes, paper towel rolls, empty soda bottles and cans of all sizes. Gather string and duct tape and the robot building kit is complete.

Give each party goer a large white t-shirt to protect their clothing. Fans of Baymax will love these smocks; before the party take the time to use black fabric paint to decorate the t-shirts with the robot’s eyes.

Let the techno fans use their imaginations just like Hiro to build a better bot! No holds barred – kids have fantastic imaginations – let them power up and produce a dream machine!

Some of the engineers may finish before the others, so have some Big Hero 6 coloring pages and markers or crayons on hand to keep kids busy while others finish up.

Set up a photo booth decorated with prints of Honey Lemon, the photogenic girl with the can do attitude who loves funky fashion. Take some cute and crazy pictures of the kids and their robots. We’re gonna be heroes!

There’s A Place For Everything, Everything In It’s Place

Food is the next logical step as the birthday team of heroes will have worked up an appetite with all of the designing and building. Kids have a need for speed just like Go Go, so be sure to have a fully stocked table prepared.

Provide a table designed with precision, keeping Wasabi and his love for organization in the forefront. Decorate the eating area with comic books, pink sunglasses and chem balls.

What’s the perfect picnic for a team of superheroes? Giant pizza and popcorn of course! Fred is a fan of all things monstrous and the team will love giant pizza, too.

Offer a variety of pizza such as meat lovers, vegetarian and plain cheese. Be sure to have plenty of large Big Hero 6 plates and napkins on hand because this gang is ready to eat! Fruits and vegetables are a must at any table. Sliced peppers, carrots and cucumbers will add nutrition and color to the menu.

As for drinks, offer power up punch in various flavors. Big Hero 6 cups hold a lot of refreshment for thirsty engineers to enjoy. Another idea for drinks is a milkshake with brown candies in keeping with the number one hero, Baymax.

Dessert is next; bake a batch of red velvet cupcakes and decorate them with white fluffy frosting. Top with fresh strawberries. A bowl of big Baymax marshmallows rounds out the sweet table.

Woohoo, Science! All good things and good times must come to an end so send the guests home happy with a super surprise. The Big Hero 6 jigsaw puzzle will be a hit!

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