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Head On Over To Adventure Bay For A PAW Patrol Birthday Party

by on Apr 02, 2015

It’s party time at Adventure Bay so why not plan to host your child’s dream birthday party there? PAW Patrol is a very popular TV show for little ones featuring bright eyed and wagging tail pups who are game for every adventure and mission they encounter. A PAW Patrol Adventure Bay party will be a non stop event full of action and good times, sure to please the pack. Read on and let tech savvy Ryder and his crew of rescue pups lead the way to the perfect party.

A PAW Patrol party planned for a warm afternoon is what’s in store here. Invitations, hats and more can easily be shopped for online, allowing for lots of time leftover to plan the best party Adventure Bay has ever seen! The combination of wonderful community spirit and the target of helping each other are the focus on the family of Adventure Bay, so let’s organize an outing in the backyard with team spirit and tons of laughter.

No Job Is Too Big

The pups of PAW Patrol know for certain that no job is too big for them to handle if they work as a team. Firedog Marshall has all of the right know how and fire dog equipment to react the best way in a rescue situation. Chase is right along side with his police knowledge and together they get the job done!

Because much of the action in PAW Patrol takes place on the water, games that involve getting wet will fit right in with this party theme. Set up a sprinkler for the kids to run through whenever they need to get cooled off, cause this party is going to get hot!

Show your creative side with a cute game that you can easily build and decorate. Take a large piece of thin plywood and cut a big round hole in the hole in the centre. Be sure to put supports on the back so the plywood can stand on it’s own. Paint the board in primary colors of red, blue and yellow. Have dad, big brother or big sister on the water balloon filling station. The kids will have a blast throwing balloons in an attempt to get them through the hole. A hula hoop is an option too, if you want to have two areas for balloon throwing. Chances are, though that the balloons will be thrown all over the yard and at everything and everyone by games end!

Order the game, “Give Chase His Badge,” another opportunity for fun and giggles. Blindfold each child and watch the zany places that the partygoers put the badges. Pups to the rescue!

Another fun activity to try is finding all of the pups rescue vehicles and matching them with each PAW Patrol member. Print out pictures of each vehicle and tape them in places around the backyard. Put Skye’s helicopter up in a tree for example. Hide Rubble’s construction vehicle over in the sandbox. Print out pictures of Zuma, Rocky and the rest of the gang, placing them on the table and the kids can match the vehicle to the pup as they find it.

No Pup Is Too Small

After all of the fun, no pup will be too small to find their way to the party food table. What fun! The table looks just like an adventure. Cover the table with a PAW Patrol plastic cover. Since we are at Adventure Bay, you can put a pile of large rocks in each corner of the table to hold the cover in place.

Supply plenty of PAW Patrol plates and napkins for the pups and rescue crew. An ideal menu for the courageous gang will include tons of cool refreshments, perfect to satisfy a thirsty crew on a warm day. Watermelon, cantaloupe and grapes are ideal additions to the fruit plate. Vegetables, such as cucumbers, celery and carrots cut in puppy size pieces are sure to please the PAW Patrol. Sandwiches in summer flavors like delicious ham and cheese, and tasty turkey with thinly sliced tomato are cool solutions on a hot day. There are always fans of peanut butter sandwiches or a wrap containing peanut butter and a banana , but only serve this treat after checking with all parents to be sure there are no nut allergies. To accompany the birthday cupcakes, serve popsicles and ice cream to keep the crowd happy and sated. Fill plenty of cups with water and juice to satisfy the thirst of the hungry rescue pups!

As the partygoers leave Adventure Bay, send them off with a loot bag filled with a doggy bag of candy, some super cool tattoos and bracelets. Thanks for coming one and all and for joining the PAW Patrol in Adventure Bay!

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