Why 'Last Say' phrasing game is a must have for every child

Many children grow up struggling with their writing skills. ‘Last Say’ card game is a necessity as it's an invaluable learning tool that could help educate children on how to write better. So what’s all the buzz behind Last Say? This revolutionary educational card game is winning hearts and minds by bringing out our inner wordsmiths! Last Say is a game that uses player creativity to create phrases from drawn cards. You'll have to get clever to make a great sentence. But be careful! Other players can steal your phrase and win the points!


It's easy to learn; everyone can get involved, and it's even educational. Who knew such fun could be so rewarding?! So how does this work, and why will it be so entertaining for my family and friends? Because everyone is battling to have the 'Last Say'. Watch the full video down below on how to play and story behind the game

How can you make a difference in educating the world?

Kimmy Toyz has launched a Kickstarter campaign and here’s why you should consider pledging to make a difference in the education world.

Not only this game could help children improve their writing skills but it could also help those who are in speech therapy or even learning the english language. By bringing this game to life, together, we can help many and change people’s lives. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to better our future generation’s education. Check out the campaign here and see in detail how it works, why it’s great and what professionals have to say about it! It’s now your turn to have the ‘Last Say’ and be a part of this incredible project!


What’s the story behind creator?

Kimmy Toyz is a TikTok influencer who loves to bring fun times to her audience. Now, she’s doing just that by coming out with a new game! So why create a phrasing game, you ask? Aren't there already a million-word games out there? There are plenty of word games available but are there anywhere you can construct sentences? "EUREKA!"

“The moment I realized that no games revolved around phrasing came as inspiring. My family has a generational history of enjoying family game nights, and the opportunity where I could create something that they would love brought me so much joy. Not only that, I always struggled writing essays and telling stories growing up. Something that could help me and others learn to do that in a fun way motivated me even more to develop Last Say” Kimmy said. 

Be apart of this amazing campaign and sign up to be notified when the game drops this June! Share this amazing game with your friends and family!

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