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  • WowWee MiPosaur
  • WowWee MiPosaur
  • WowWee MiPosaur
  • WowWee MiPosaur
  • WowWee MiPosaur
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  • WowWee MiPosaur
  • WowWee MiPosaur
  • WowWee MiPosaur
  • WowWee MiPosaur
  • WowWee MiPosaur

Miposaur is equipped with GestureSense™ Technology that enables it to respond to the swipe of hand.  Depending where you swipe, you can either become Miposaur’s new best friend, or dinnertime target!

Miposaur can follow, chase, guard and react differently to it depending on its mood.

The TrackBall has 6 different game modes. Each time you turn the knob, a new game is activated.  Take it for a walk, feed it a snack, or watch Miposaur beat box and break it down!


Hand Gestures

Miposaur responds to the swipe of your hand! Miposaur has three different moods and ten different commands. Depending on what it's in, Miposaur will react to gestures differently.

3 different moods:




10 different commands:



Scare & More!

Reactions to commands differ depending on what mood MiPosaur is in!


The TrackBall is equiped with BeaconSense technology, which means MiPosaur can track and follow the ball around.

The TrackBall features 6 different game modes.

Use the TrackBall to:

Take MiPosaur for a walk

Play dino in the middle

Play fetch!

Feed MiPosaur

Dance & beat-box

The MiPosaur App

Free and included with your MiPosaur purchase on iOS and Android devices.

Features tons of gameplay!

Drive MiPosaur

Feed it steaks, socks, cavemen and more and watch MiPosaur’s reaction!

Battle against other MiPosaurs

Play with MiP!

Dance to any song in your music library

Trace a path on your screen for MiPosaur to follow.

**Batteries not included

**Miposaur requires 4 AA batteries

**TrackBall requires 4 AAA batteries

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