Tiny Wubble - Green

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  • Tiny Wubble - Green
  • Tiny Wubble - Green
  • Tiny Wubble - Green
  • Tiny Wubble - Green

The Tiny Wubble Ball looks like a bubble, plays like a ball. Take your Wubble anywhere. Inflates in seconds. An Inflation nozzle is included. The Tiny Wubble Ball is like no other ball you have ever played with before- It's a totally translucent ball. The Tiny Wubble ball looks and moves through the air, jiggling the way an actual bubble would after you blow it up. The Tiny Wubble is fun for boys and girls and the whole family. You can toss it and kick it like a ball but if just feels different. It's really soft to the touch and squishy. The Tiny Wubble is like blowing a bubble that you can actually play with.

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