Playmobil City Life Playground - 5024

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  • Playmobil City Life Playground - 5024
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Come and play with your friends at the PLAYMOBIL Children's Playground. Rock from side to side on the swings, slide down the slides in record time, make giant sand castles with tall turrets and deep moats, glide down the skateboard ramp, go round and round until you're dizzy in the chair carousel, and grill scrumptious meat on the barbecue. Let your imagination play!

Set includes seven children figures, two adult figures, two slides, a swing, skateboard ramp, chair carousel, stroller, bicycle, scooter, skateboard, barbecue, sausages, burgers, bread, bottles, basket, apples, table and benches, bin, squirrels, birds, trees, flowers, and lots of other accessories. 

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