Lil' Gleemerz - Loomur [Purple]

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  • Lil' Gleemerz - Loomur [Purple]
  • Lil' Gleemerz - Loomur [Purple]
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  • Lil' Gleemerz - Loomur [Purple]
  • Lil' Gleemerz - Loomur [Purple]
  • The Lil’ Gleemerz are interactive toys that light up fun and friendship with their rainbow light-up tails, glowing eyes, and quirky sounds and phrases!
  • Loomur is bright purple with a flexible, furry light-up tail
  • It responds to touch and sound with over 100 reactions to discover (it purrs, growls, farts, says funny phrases, flashes dazzling light shows, and even plays games with you)!
  • Simply press the nose for three different ways to play -- in hangout, light party, or game mode
  • Use its little paws to hang Loomur in cute poses on your laptop screen, boxes, and more!

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